If you're looking to create a flexible and productive working environment, there's a Raft of options available to you.

Raft is a modular system available in a variety of configurations allowing you to create the seating solution you need.

Designed with agile working in mind, Raft modules include single and double benches, corner pieces and curved sections. Optional integrated power and data further establish this as the flexible seat for the flexible worker.

Inspiring spaces can be created using Raft units, which can be configured to enhance any interior style. This makes them perfect for collaborative meeting spaces and ideal for sudden breakout discussions.

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Raft5 Raft_new4 Raft_layout7 Raft 45 degree Raft 90 degree Raft 45 degree Raft 180 degree Raft1_new Raft corner unit Raft single seat right arm Raft single seat left arm Raft single seat with arms Raft3 Raft2 raft two seat right arm Raft two seat left arm Raft two seat with arms Raft_layout12 Raft_layout10 Raft_layout11 Raft_layout2 Raft_layout4 Raft_layout6